What's the question your readers most often ask? For me it's easy. The question I'm asked most often is ‘What should I write about'  and it doesn't seem to matter whether the inquiry comes from a blog writer, newsletter author or ecommerce store owner, the problem is always the same; everyone wants blog content ideas.

There's no single answer, but today I found a blog post from BloggingPro which seems to answer the question, at least with regard to company blogs. Here's a  brief synopsis

  • Update frequently
  • Scehdule posts in advance
  • Write original content
  • Monitor comments
  • Don't post personal stuff
  • Optimize blog post titles
  • Have a competent writer in charge
  • Link to your other relevant posts
  • Talk to your customers, not at them

All of which tells us a little something about how to run a company blog (and I'm not sure I agree with all of it) but doesn't answer the sticky question of subject matter.

So here are some

Customers are Ignoring You

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Blog Content Ideas

  • A case study story. How something happened to someone which could have been better/worse if they had had your product. Tell us a story!
  • What happened in your store this week. Yes, this conflicts with the ‘don't post personal stuff' thing, mostly because I don't agree with it.  I do think you need a balance. Be personal, but not too personal. I don't mind knowing you're having a baby, but unless this is a pregnancy site, I really don't want all the gory details.
  • New ways to use your product or service. Obviously you won't be able to come up with one of these every day, but if you plan to produce one once a month, it will build into an interesting series.
  • Commentory on the news/current affairs. Where this has some relevance to your product or service, its a good idea to comment, espeically if you can predict how the news item will have an impact on your customers/clients. Don't just sound off your opinion, make sure your readers know it has relevance to them.
  • New products. Your product or service solves some sort of problem for your customers. In that case, when you get a new product they will want to know about it. Write from an informative viewpoint, not a sales view and include information about why you;ve added the product to your store. Is it to satisfy a need your customers made you aware of?
  • If you're not selling  a product or service you can always turn to the calendar. Check wikipedia for todays date. You'll most likely find there is something there you can write about, maybe there is xyz month, or the anniversary of something, or someones birthday. All these things can give you ideas for posts. For example, I'm writing this in January, most people are looking for  New Years resolutions, ways to get started at something. Use your own experience to tell as story which will help with that.
  • Keep up with the gossip. If you can link a celebrity name to your product or service, you can hook more readers.

Finding good content ideas isn't rocket science, and it doesn't always have to be directly about your product.

Think about what your customers might want to read, and write that.


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